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PSP Support

2010-10-24 18:23:23 by Fallout290

For Christmas, I want a PSP and pre-order 'The 3rd Birthday' for it and buy 'Little Big Planet'. What all do I need for these games/console? (Memory Cards,Cables,Etc.) (There both UMDs)


2010-09-23 22:35:35 by Fallout290

I just found a "Double Rainbow Song" and a "Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder Song" and these are super awesome! They're remixes of the 'Double Rainbow' vid and that 'Rapist Bed Intruder' vid. Heres the link... h2Yw lzz0


Music Makers

2010-09-03 21:26:34 by Fallout290

Does anyone know a GOOD music maker to download??? I've tried using DJ Sheepwolf and just using a recorder to record songs I did from that but, no luck. Leave a comment if you have and suggestions.

The Piano Sucks

2010-09-02 20:23:15 by Fallout290

So today I had a piano lesson, then I got all the way to my lessons, when I forgot that my teacher tolled me that she was taking a free-day today... -_- And that put me in a 'The Shining' mood, so here ya go.

The Piano Sucks


2010-08-27 18:38:08 by Fallout290

Have you guys ever noticed how Tom Fulp seems to get most of the credit and Dan Paladin only gets like 1/6 of the credit???? No offense to Dan, but I never noticed him until I played Castle Crashers :(


2010-08-22 20:50:37 by Fallout290

I just started coming back on to newgrounds. (thanks to their awesome games.) If you have any advice please message me.


2009-09-24 18:23:31 by Fallout290

Ok im new here and im gonna start uploading flash animations.